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Discover the Versatility of BINMEI’s Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

In the world of natural colorants and extracts, BINMEI stands as a prominent brand known for its high-quality phycocyanin products, often referred to as blue spirulina or spirulina extract. Among its diverse product offerings, one gem shines brightly – the Butterfly Pea Flower Powder. In this article, we’ll delve into the applications, specifications, and advantages of BINMEI’s Butterfly Pea Flower Powder, a captivating natural blue pigment.

The Power of Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

BINMEI’s Butterfly Pea Flower Powder is a game-changer in the realm of natural colorants. Derived from the butterfly pea flower (Clitoria ternatea), this exquisite powder boasts a striking blue hue that finds its way into various industries, providing an array of applications.

Cosmetics and Skincare

In the world of cosmetics, vivid colors are a statement. BINMEI’s Butterfly Pea Flower Powder is embraced by cosmetics and skincare brands for its natural blue pigment. It enhances the color palette, allowing the creation of eye-catching makeup products and skincare items.

Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals

Health-conscious consumers are drawn to natural ingredients. Butterfly Pea Flower Powder aligns perfectly with this trend. It’s used in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, offering a visually appealing way to encapsulate health supplements.

Not to Be Confused

It’s important to note that BINMEI’s Butterfly Pea Flower Powder is distinct from spirulina ultrafine powder. While both are remarkable natural colorants, they offer different shades and applications. Butterfly Pea Flower Powder graces products with its stunning blue, whereas spirulina ultrafine powder imparts a vibrant green.


BINMEI’s Butterfly Pea Flower Powder is more than just a blue pigment; it’s a versatile ingredient that elevates various industries. From food and beverages to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, its applications are boundless. With a commitment to quality and a wide range of specifications, BINMEI’s Butterfly Pea Flower Powder is a valuable addition to any product seeking to captivate consumers with its natural blue allure.

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