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SmallRig Mini Follow Focus 3010B: Anti-Slip and Ergonomic Design

SmallRig Mini Follow Focus 3010B equips with an anti-slip and ergonomic design that ensures accurate and comfortable focusing.Specifically designed for camera cages, this follow focus system features an anti-slip and ergonomic design, ensuring accurate and comfortable focusing. In this article, we will discover the standout features that make this follow focus system the perfect choice for filmmakers seeking to elevate their camera cages setup.

Achieve Accurate and Comfortable Focusing

With the SmallRig Mini Follow Focus 3010B, achieving accurate focus becomes effortless. The anti-slip design ensures a firm grip, allowing you to make precise adjustments without any slipping or unwanted movements. This enables you to maintain control over your focus, ensuring that your shots are sharp and well-defined.

Additionally, the ergonomic design of the SmallRig Mini Follow Focus 3010B ensures comfortable handling during extended shooting sessions. The carefully crafted shape and placement of controls reduce strain and fatigue, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without any discomfort.

Imitating Sports Car Hub for Excellent Damping and Control

SmallRig has taken inspiration from the precision and control found in sports car hubs and incorporated it into the design of the Mini Follow Focus 3010B. This innovative feature provides excellent damping, allowing for smooth and precise focus pulls. The system absorbs any unwanted vibrations or sudden movements, ensuring that your focus adjustments are fluid and accurate.

The SmallRig Mini Follow Focus 3010B offers unparalleled control over your focus, allowing you to execute seamless focus transitions with ease. The damping system ensures that your footage remains steady and professional-looking, even in challenging shooting conditions.


Experience the anti-slip and ergonomic design of the SmallRig Mini Follow Focus 3010B. Achieve accurate and comfortable focusing with its user-friendly features. Benefit from the excellent damping and control inspired by sports car hubs, providing you with smooth and precise focus adjustments. SmallRig delivers a follow focus system that enhances your filmmaking experience with precision and ease-of-use.

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