Top most prestigious prize exchange games in 2024 that cannot be missed at New88

New886 is known as an entertainment address that provides many classy and attractive online games. This causes more and more players to participate in the experience. Therefore, the top most prestigious reward games on this platform will be revealed in detail through the article below.

Overview of some features of the playing floor New88

This is the bookmaker with the largest number of players on the market. The playground owns many classy and attractive games such as. Therefore, you can freely choose for yourself one of the top most prestigious reward games to participate in. More attractive than ever, the payout rate is extremely high and you will not lose a thousand in fees.

Not only that, the information security system is considered extremely strict and safe. In addition, the customer care system received a lot of compliments from gamers.

Take a look at the top reputable prize-winning games at the online playground New88

To bring bettors the best moments of entertainment, New88 offers many of the following interesting reward games:

Sam Loc – Top prestigious prize exchange game chosen by many people

Sam Loc is considered a national card game. This reward card game attracts players with super easy and simple gameplay. Like many other games, Sam Loc still uses a deck of 52 cards. Each card game will have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 players participating. Before starting the game, everyone will be given 10 cards by the dealer.

At the beginning of the first game, whoever holds the smallest card will have priority to play first. From the second game onwards, the brother who wins the first game will go first. Of course, the person who runs out of cards first will win and receive a reward.


Lieng is one of the most prestigious and attractive prize exchange games on the platform New88. It is known that Lieng is a card game that uses a Western deck of 52 cards. In addition, this game has from 2 to 6 people participating in playing cards. To start the game, each player will be dealt an equal number of cards.

In general, the rules of the Lieng card game are somewhat similar to poker or gray card game. That means you will have to go through three different betting rounds to find the winning player.

In addition, players have many choices when participating in sacred card games. Such as face down, raise, call, etc. Therefore, each betting round the player will bet a certain amount of money. Of course, when winning a bet, the player will receive a generous amount of money from the system.

Therefore, you should place reasonable bets to increase your odds of winning. Not only that, players can refer to the experience of playing top reputable reward games from experts to have a sure way to win.


Besides, the card game Phom is loved and sought after by many gamers. According to research, each game of phom has a total of 4 rounds. Each round, the player will be able to capture one card in the deck. Or a card from your opponent.

When a junk card is captured, all the junk cards are on the phom card New88 will be moved to another location. In particular, the brother who plays the last card will be the one with the fewest junk cards on the table.

Besides, if in the phom game no one busts, the player will add up the cards to find the winner. In particular, the player with the least points will win in phom and vice versa.
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Poker element

In New88, the top most prestigious prize exchange games cannot help but mention the poker game, also known as poker. This is a form of poker. But it is played in the Hong Kong style.

Each poker game at this entertainment floor will have from 2 to 6 players participating in the game. This game still uses the Western deck of cards but will eliminate the number cards from 2 to 6. The lowest card is card number 7 and A is considered the highest card. In addition, the total number of poker cards will be 32 cards.

Besides, the suits of the cards will have no meaning at all. Because, poker only considers the size of the cards. In particular, each poker game will go through 4 counter-clockwise bets. Therefore, through the betting rounds, the player with the highest score will win and receive a reward.


Top reputable prize exchange games at New88 are all carefully selected and censored to bring gamers the most complete experience. Therefore, through the above article, please quickly choose the game you like best to play and earn bonuses!


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