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Check it out: Smart Staff Badge Can Unlock the Potential in the Office

Seekink is the market leader in China as a provider of one-stop EPD services. Due to their extensive tenure in the EPD industry, they possess a profound comprehension of the chromoscopic bistable and true color E-paper technologies. Seeking to optimize processes and increase productivity within your workplace? One need not delve deeper than some e ink employee id badges. This state-of-the-art technology, which was created by Seekink, transforms office functioning and communication.

Intelligent Staff Badge’s eco-friendly characteristics

The Smart Staff emblem, an ID emblem developed by Seekink, permits customization for each employee or position. Personalized badges guarantee that vital notifications and updates are transmitted directly to the smart devices of employees through the Bluetooth 5.1 protocol. The insignia gives personnel the necessary information to optimize their performance.

Because the bluetooth smart badge is made of eco-friendly materials and can be personalized for each employee, it eliminates the need for traditional paper labels and reduces the amount of carbon emissions that are produced. By adopting this environmentally friendly strategy, your company can effectively mitigate waste and establish a sustainable reputation, thereby contributing to the preservation of the planet.


Seekink, a leading provider of EPD services in China, offers e-ink employee ID badges to optimize processes and increase productivity. These eco-friendly badges allow customization for each employee or position, transmitting vital notifications directly to their smart devices via Bluetooth 5.1 protocol. The badges are made from eco-friendly materials, eliminating the need for traditional paper labels and mitigating carbon emissions, contributing to a sustainable reputation and planet preservation.

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