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Fibercan – Reliable Fiber Optic Distribution Boxes for Seamless Connectivity

Greetings from Fibercan, a reputable company that provides dependable fiber optic distribution boxes. They provide top hub outdoor enclosures that offer versatile installation options such as cross arm hoop, aerial, underground, and wall-mounting. Fibercan‘s distribution boxes feature efficient organization with storage for connectors and fibers in an orderly manner. The number of splicing trays can be adjusted based on the fiber count, ensuring optimal utilization. Made of reinforced plastic with high strength and corrosion resistance, Fibercan’s distribution boxes provide protection, reliable sealing, and ease of construction. These boxes prevent material aging caused by environmental factors and offer flame-retardant and waterproof properties, ensuring durability even in challenging conditions.

Efficient Organization and Adjustable Capacity

Fibercan’s distribution boxes are designed for efficient organization. Connectors and fibers can be stored in the closure in an orderly manner, making it easy to manage and maintain. The number of splicing trays can be adjusted based on the fiber count, ensuring optimal utilization of the available space. This flexibility allows for scalability and future expansion, accommodating your evolving connectivity needs.

Durable and Protective Construction

Fibercan’s distribution boxes are made of reinforced plastic with high strength and corrosion resistance. This ensures durability and longevity, even in harsh environmental conditions. The boxes are designed to prevent material aging caused by heat, cold, light, oxygen, and microorganisms, providing excellent mechanical strength. Additionally, they offer flame-retardant and waterproof functions, protecting the inner products from vibration, impact, and distortion.


Choose Fibercan for reliable fiber optic distribution boxes that ensure seamless connectivity. Their top hub outdoor enclosures provide versatile installation options and efficient organization of connectors and fibers. With adjustable capacity and a durable construction made of reinforced plastic, Fibercan’s distribution boxes offer reliable protection and ease of construction. Experience the benefits of flame-retardant and waterproof properties, safeguarding your network infrastructure. Trust Fibercan to deliver high-quality distribution boxes that meet your specific requirements. Contact Fibercan today and unlock the potential of reliable fiber optic connectivity.

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