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Precision Redefined: ClearPetra by Wellead Medical – Your Ultimate Urinary Stone Solution

In the realm of urinary stone treatment, Wellead Medical ClearPetra System stands as a beacon of efficiency and innovation. Tailored to meet the unique needs of bulk supply and wholesale, this system offers healthcare institutions an unparalleled solution for urinary stone management.

Embracing the Excellence of ClearPetra System

The ClearPetra System redefines urinary stone treatment through a seamless integration of cutting-edge features. Developed with meticulous attention to detail, this system guarantees optimal stone clearance and procedural efficiency.

Notable Features of ClearPetra System

Effortless Stone Clearance: ClearPetra’s high stone clearance rate ensures effective removal of urinary stones, enhancing patient outcomes.

Reduced Pressure: Continuous irrigation and suction create a vortex, reducing intra-luminal pressure, and elevating surgical safety.

Preventive Measures: Negative Pressure Aspiration prevents stone retropulsion while evacuating stone fragments, minimizing the risk of complications.

Enhanced Visibility: Unobstructed visual fields are achieved through continuous irrigation and suction, ensuring precision during procedures.

Simplified Procedure: The ClearPetra System eliminates the need for additional devices, such as stone baskets or anti-retropulsion tools, streamlining the process.

Time Optimization: By efficiently controlling and evacuating fragments, the system reduces procedure times, optimizing clinical efficiency.


Wellead Medical‘s ClearPetra System underscores their unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. By choosing the ClearPetra System, healthcare institutions demonstrate their dedication to offering patients top-tier care while embracing cutting-edge technology. Wellead Medical’s commitment to advancing urinary stone treatment is evident in the ClearPetra System’s remarkable features, designed to elevate urological procedures and patient outcomes.

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