Robotics-Assisted Knee replacement: Benefits

Patients had concerns in the past about robotic surgery. They were concerned that it could injure or malfunction in their equipment. These fears have been dispelled by robotic surgery for knee replacement. This method has revolutionized the way routine knee replacement surgery is performed. People who have tried the Houston robotics-assisted hip replacement procedure are now able to return to their daily lives.

Because of its high-tech nature and revolutionary impact, robotic surgery’s benefits cannot be described in words. We are going to summarize its benefits in order to help you understand its merits.

More precise Planning for pre-surgical procedures will be possible

MAKOplastyTM is also known as robotic-assisted surgery for the knee. It uses 3D imaging. Your surgeon can tailor the procedure to fit your anatomy. This results in an implant that is exactly the right size and position.

Precision up to the nth degree

Robot-assisted knee replacement surgery may be used by your orthopedic doctor to pinpoint the area of damage. The surgeon cannot alter the predetermined proportions of several parts of the operation because the robotic arm controls them all. The new knee joint has less friction and wear due to better placement. This reduces the need for revision surgery.

Speed and precision

Minimally invasive robotic surgery is performed by doctors in medicine. To implant instruments, doctors use two to three buttonholes rather than one. Robotic surgery speeds up minimally invasive surgery’s precision and speed even further. Because the robot has measured the replacement and its position before, the surgeon is more in control. The machine will notify the surgeon if there is a problem. The machine will alert the surgeon if there are any errors. This allows for a faster recovery.

Intensity Limitation

Before this procedure, a CT scan is not necessary. One CT scan is equivalent to receiving 48 chest radiographs in one session for radiation exposure. To gather information about your knee, computer software is used in place of a CT scan. A patient is not exposed to dangerous radiation. This makes this operation superior to other.

A longer lifespan

Robotic knee replacement can help reduce implant failure and loosening. Implants feel more natural, which encourages stronger support from surrounding ligaments. Patients frequently comment on how natural it feels. As a result, the longevity of the implant has improved.

If you’re considering a robotic knee replacement, don’t hesitate to ask for help. If you are interested in a robotic knee replacement, a specialist can help you decide if it is right for you. The goal of knee replacement surgery is to relieve discomfort and restore proper alignment and function. This procedure has many advantages. It is my goal to provide the best medical care and compassionate treatment possible for my patients. Robotic knee replacement surgery might be a good option if you want to continue your hobbies.

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