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Sanitary Napkin Supplier Shuyacare: The Ultimate Wholesale Solution for Distributors

Shuyacare, a leading sanitary napkin supplier, offers OEM sanitary pad wholesale services that are second to none. With over 37 years of manufacturing experience and exports to over 60 countries, Shuyacare has the expertise and resources to provide the best possible service to distributors worldwide.

Why Choose Shuyacare for Your OEM Sanitary Pad Wholesale Needs

With a factory spanning 45,000 square meters, Shuyacare has the production capacity and resources to meet even the most demanding wholesale requirements. The company has over 20 production lines, 230+ employees, and a team of 20+ specialized technical staff to ensure efficient and quality production. What’s more, as a state-owned enterprise, Shuyacare enjoys a strong reputation for strength and reliability. Shuyacare has been providing OEM and ODM services to Fortune Global 500 companies for over 17 years, further highlighting its commitment to excellence.

The Anion Sanitary Napkin from Shuyacare: A Cut above the Rest

Shuyacare’s Anion Sanitary Napkin offers several key features that set it apart from other sanitary napkins on the market. With a negative ion count exceeding 6000/cm², the napkin promotes a healthy cycle, providing essential support for women’s well-being. The high absorption rate coupled with SAP technology ensures quick absorption without reverse osmosis, keeping users dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Ultra-Soft and Absorbent Napkins

The soft non-woven surface of the napkin provides excellent absorption capabilities, keeping skin dry and avoiding moisture buildup. The super absorbent polymers in the pads ensure surface dryness without infiltration, keeping users feeling fresh and clean throughout their busy days. The breathable bottom layer eliminates humidity and prevents leakage, providing added protection and comfort.


In conclusion, Shuyacare offers a comprehensive range of OEM sanitary pad wholesale services that are designed to meet the needs of distributors worldwide. With its vast experience in manufacturing, exporting to over 60 countries, and its commitment to quality and safety, Shuyacare is the perfect choice for distributors looking to offer top-of-the-line sanitary napkins to their customers.

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