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YANSEN YSITXXX-S320 2242 Industrial Grade SSD Card: Reliable Storage for Challenging Environments

Industrial grade SSD cards are essential for reliable storage in demanding industrial environments. The YANSEN YSITXXX-S320 2242 Industrial Grade SSD Card is a robust storage solution designed to meet the unique challenges of industrial applications. With its advanced features and exceptional durability, this SSD card delivers reliable performance and data integrity in even the harshest industrial settings.

Enhanced Data Management

The YSITXXX-S320 2242 SSD card employs system automatic bad block management, ensuring the integrity of stored data. This feature automatically identifies and isolates faulty blocks, preventing data corruption and ensuring reliable storage for critical industrial data.

Wide Temperature Range

With an operating temperature range of 0℃ to 70℃ and a storage temperature range of -40℃ to 85℃, the YSITXXX-S320 2242 SSD card is designed to withstand extreme temperature variations encountered in industrial environments. This wide temperature tolerance ensures consistent performance and data reliability, even in challenging conditions.

Resilient Build for Harsh Environments

The YSITXXX-S320 2242 SSD card is built to withstand the rigors of industrial settings. It is engineered to resist vibration and shock, withstanding vibrations ranging from 80Hz to 2000Hz at 20G and shock up to 1500G for 0.5ms. This durability ensures uninterrupted operation and data integrity in demanding industrial applications.


YANSEN’s YSITXXX-S320 2242 Industrial Grade SSD Card offers reliable storage for industrial environments. With features like system automatic bad block management, wide temperature tolerance, and resilience against vibrations and shocks, this SSD card provides the durability and performance required for industrial applications. Upgrade to the YSITXXX-S320 2242 SSD card from YANSEN to ensure reliable storage and data integrity in your industrial systems. Trust YANSEN’s expertise in delivering industrial-grade SSD solutions to meet your specific storage needs, and experience the benefits of robust and dependable storage in challenging industrial environments.

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