Different types of digital dentistry

Most people don’t find the dentist’s office to be very exciting. Children and adults can be anxious about the sound of dental drills. Beverly Hills digital dentistry has made dental procedures more comfortable, faster, and more accurate for patients. Digital dentistry offers many benefits. It can detect dental problems before they occur and provides more accurate and reliable scans. Here’s a quick explanation of digital dentistry.

What’s digital dentistry?

Digital dentistry is a computer-based technology that performs dental procedures. This includes diagnostic and treatment procedures. Digital dentistry is more efficient than traditional dental tools. While digital dentistry cannot replace traditional dentistry, dentists use it to streamline dental procedures and meet increasing patient demand. These are the digital dentistry tools that you might encounter between the time you check in and your appointment until your dentist evaluates your oral health.

Intraoral scanning, computer-aided design

Computer-aided technology uses scanners to create 3D images of your mouth. This allows you to design various prostheses including dentures, veneers, crowns and Onlays. The final product is usually well-designed and fits perfectly. Dental professionals used to place a sticky substance in a mouthguard and then have you bite down until the material solidifies. That form would be used to take mold impressions of your teeth, and then sent it to the lab for any device they needed. Computer-aided design means that you no longer need impression material.

Digital radiography

Since years, dental x-rays and radiographs have been used for dentistry. Film processing made it possible to take traditional x-rays. The prints had to be stored and sent to other specialists as needed. Digital radiography is much faster because no photos are required. Digital radiography displays the images immediately on the screen. They can also be saved to a server so that they can easily be shared with specialists. The radiation exposure of digital radiographs is also lower than that of traditional x-rays.

Intraoral cameras

These cameras are used by dentists to inspect the inside of your mouth. These cameras are quickly replacing traditional round mirrors that dentists used. These cameras have a greater magnification power which makes it easier for dentists identify potential problems. The dentist can also share images of your teeth via intraoral cameras. This allows you to better understand the problem and help you maintain a healthy smile. These images can be shared with lab technicians by dentists in order to match prosthetics to your natural teeth.

Screening tools

Fluorescence imaging, a non-invasive imaging technique that uses fluorescence imaging, allows dentists to see abnormalities and signs of cancer in a way that is not obvious to the naked eye. Early diagnosis increases the chances of success and reduces recovery time.

Digital dentistry makes it easy and quick to visit the dentist. For a checkup and improvement in your oral health, schedule an appointment with Sean Pierce, DDS.

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